March 5, 2010

Games and Libraries – Wendy Leseman (akla10)

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started out playing “Just Dance” on the Wii (whoo-hoo!)
Wii is a great place to start
when you’re ready to learn how to use a Wii, send your 12-year old out of the house because they show you too quickly ;-)
you can teach yourself to do this (really, you can)
why gaming?
– connect with patrons who are gamers; they love it when you show an interest in something that’s important to them; it’s good to know about gaming regardless of what type of library you’re in
– promote multiple types of literacy
– increase traffic
– it’s fun
applied for ALA’s Gaming, Learning, and Literacy grant with the Verizon Foundation
got $5000, $4000 of which was spent on Wiis & DDR for each library in the school district
had a few logistical problems but money from the Verizon Foundation was slow in coming, which forced some changes
she also loans her equipment out to teachers
also exploring having kids create games using Scratch
$1000 for gaming at her school – computers, console, and board games
kids have become the experts and help each other
they do a family fun night at least once a year
Wendy sets up DDR and Guitar Hero + Band Hero
PS2s aren’t as versatile as the Wii but can still be good to get you started, especially with DDR
had trouble finding games that would run on their old computers
– used Civilization, a vet game, Star Wars (which is the most popular and is her only T game)
gets shy and non-sports kids involved
it’s fun to watch them socialize and help each other
now we’re playing group Backseat Drawing – awesome!
showed some books with game themes
they also read a lot of guides and cheats – they do a ton of reading around gaming
mentioned “Libraries Got Game” by Brian Mayer and Chris Harris and their alignment of board games with AASL’s standards (much love in the room for this)
Wendy was supposed to defend the grant to the school board because they weren’t sure they wanted to accept “gaming” money, but they had already accepted it by the time she got there
examples of computer strategy games – Spore (although her older computers won’t run it), Civilization
showed ALA’s Online Toolkit for librarians
free online games, which often have a cause-related theme (hunger, justice, etc.)
in her district, anything that has “game” in it is automatically blocked, so she works with them to let certain ones through
Games for Change
Genesee Valley’s database of games let you search by game time and ROI

November 2, 2009

Is Your Library's Content in the Stream?

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