December 17, 2009

December 17th Stream

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I love google voice, but the transcripts make for high-larious comedy. gvoice will be the basis for a sitcom episode some day [shifted]
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"The key division between categories for general-purpose printers, then, is between office printers, home printers, and printers that can serve as home printers, SoHo (small office or home office) printers, or both. For each of those, we have separate categories for single-function and multifunction printers (MFPs or AIOs), and for office printers, we have separate categories for monochrome and color."

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"In a post I wrote called the A-Z of social media for brands I decided that P stands for Policy. Im not one for too many rules and regulations, but it is a good idea to define some clear guidelines to help staff (especially novices) to do the right thing.
So let’s take a look at some real world social media policies and guidelines as used by companies. Zappos does a great job of summing it up in seven words, but the detail is also important and there are some fine suggestions here…"

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"Getting people to interact with others and upload content to a community-driven site enough may sound easy, but engagement doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time and work, and much of the right formula is deduced through trial and error.
Here are 10 tips for increasing user engagement that work for news community web sites, but can apply to all types of online user-engagement communities."

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  1. So true about Google Voice’s transcription! My parents are both from South Jersey and the ‘bots have no idea what to make of their thick Delmarva accent- every once in a while I can pick out a relevant keyword to get the gist of the message, but otherwise it’s just refrigerator magnet haiku.

    Comment by Tom Bruno — December 20, 2009 @ 10:19 am

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