August 31, 2007

A Musical Tribute to the Modern Librarian (Plus a Game!)

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Addy Will Know: A New Song for the Modern Librarian 

“Librarians have appeared in pop culture as shushers, spinsters, even sex symbols. What about solvers of great conundrums, masters and mistresses of organization, purveyors of intellectual freedom?!
‘Addy Will Know’ avoids the stereotypes. Serving as a musical tribute to the modern librarian, it is about  a real librarian who leads a lost  patron to the four books he is looking for. The names of the books are never mentioned, but as a kind of puzzle, the song itself includes call numbers that correspond to the books hinted at in the verses.
Since ‘Addy Will Know’ is essentially a song about you, the modern librarian, we want you to participate!
1. Be in our video!
Record yourself singing the song at work or school, upload your video to sendspace / yousendit /etc, and then email us the link. We will edit your video with all the others, creating a video collage of modern librarians.
2. Enter our contest!
Be one of the first 10 librarians to identify the books of the call numbers mentioned in the song and you will win a copy of the new cd ‘Crawl Inside Your Head.’ Read our contest rules and then email your answers here. Once the winners are chosen we will post their names here on the wiki.
3. Get your local college radio station to play the song.
‘Addy’ will hit the college airwaves September 3, 2007. Contact your local college or university radio station now and request that they ‘ADD ADDY!’ from SNMNMNM’s ‘Crawl Inside Your Head.’ You can find contact information for the stations in your area at:
Help us give librarians the recognition they deserve! Post the link to this wiki [] to the listservs and blogs you contribute to.
Hope you like the song!
-Seamus and Mark and Matt and Matt” [Thanks, Jessica!]

You can also listen to the song on the wiki – catchy. I look forward to seeing what librarians do with this. :)


  1. It’s interesting how the song is mostly about trying to use the library and getting lost or confused…. and implying that you need a librarian simply to be able to use the library. There’s nothing modern about that. This is a cute song, but it really just perpetuates the pop culture image of book-focused libraries and librarians while inviting us as to join the viral marketing team that pushes their song. Heck, if they hadn’t insisted in the wiki that it was about a librarian, I would have thought it was about getting frustrated with the library and turning to a know-it-all friend for information instead!
    Great bridge though. =)

    Comment by eli — September 2, 2007 @ 10:58 am

  2. It’s an okay song, with a mildly interesting marketing concept. I don’t think it’s explicitly enough about libraries or librarians to be considered an anthem for us. But after a couple of decades in the biz, I don’t expect people to get beyond stereotypes anymore. I just do what I do…and of course I couldn’t help entering the contest.

    Comment by Julie Mangin — September 5, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

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