October 8, 2010

October 8th Stream

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I hear people rave about Instapaper all the time, but I rarely see them expound on their affection in any detail. This post is pretty much the most thorough thought dump of how Instapaper works for me in 5 categories:
1. Uses for Instapaper folders
2. Instapaper search
3. Getting information into Instapaper
4. Miscellaneous Instapaper extras online
5. iOS Instapaper app options and tips

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@thearystocrat so glad you’re representing #ALA at #NYCC. thanks for all of the exhausting work! (please tell everyone about #ngd10 :-p ) [shifted]
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been using @instapaper on my phone. didn’t realize could send articles to #kindle. on the fence abt it. http://ping.fm/BObQ0 h/t @steverubel [shifted]
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Must resist temptation to use #kindlefeeder. Love the idea but find I’m reading more books w/o internet distractions http://kindlefeeder.com [shifted]
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This fall, we’ll be redesigning the Connect home page (the "dashboard") and the groups home page (what you see when you go to a group). I certainly have some ideas about what needs to change, but we really want to hear from you.
We need at least a half-dozen volunteers who are willing to work with the company doing the redesign to give input and answer questions via phone and email. If you’re interested in helping us make Connect even better, please leave a comment or contact me at jlevine [at] ala.org.
Improving ALA Connect
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"Those who own dedicated reading devices such as the #Kindle spend… 45% more time reading books" http://ow.ly/2QATC (true for me) [shifted]

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