August 23, 2010

August 23rd Stream

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This is the single most important thing that I think people forget about what social media is: It is, simply, a means to an end. Whether you’re wanting to engage, broadcast, entertain or be entertained, it can do all of these things. How you choose to use it will dictate what you get out of it.
Let me say, to close, that I’m not attempting to bash Laporte or Scoble. Both of them, in their own rights, do amazing work. I am, however, bashing their arguments against the platforms…but I’m also bashing yours if you happen to agree with them, so it’s fair play.
So get out there, sign up for every site you feel like using and find out what you like and dislike about them. You don’t have to like every one of them. We’re all aware; there are stinking piles of fail in the clusters of social media and social networking sites. When you do find ones that you enjoy, use them how you want to use them and don’t let people tell you otherwise. It’s your time, so spend it how you choose.

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