February 8, 2010

February 8th Stream

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"First, they will expect a continuous brand experience… Despite the fact that some look at the 10:45ers as the poster children for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, if you look a little closer, their extensive use of these various devices actually creates a new continuity…. From their point of view, their experience is more continuous than the "old days" of separate television, radio, telephones and paper mail. In this increasingly seamless media landscape, you need to ask yourself, how "continuous" is your brand and the service that supports it? Do people "see" the same company across the web, phone, call center, and in person?…
Second, Generation 10:45 will desire transparent service. Anyone can "see" where they are any time of the day or night. Why cant you and your organization show that same level of transparency? They expect to be able to get status updates on any order, any service, or any request — immediately!"

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Listening to: The The’s "Slow Train to Dawn" http://bit.ly/aqF7S4 [shifted]
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@lisacarlucci I’ve been brainstorming ideas for this. other than on badges, where would you use QR codes? #ala10 [shifted]
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