January 10, 2010

January 10th Stream

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@awd there may be people who aren’t following the hashtag, though, and you catch different people at different times of the day [shifted]
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"This is both incredibly shocking and unsurprising. Librarians–and all cultural professionals–address challenges creatively every day. But the challenges they solve are known ones, emerging from the services they traditionally provide. No librarian would get rid of all the Harry Potter books because they are "too popular." No museum would stop offering an educational program that was "too successful." These are familiar challenges that come with the job and are seen to have benefit. But if tagging creates a line or people spend too much time giving you feedback? Staff at Haarlem Oost likely felt comfortable removing the tagging shelves because they didnt see the tagging as a patron requirement, nor the maintenance of the shelves as part of their job."

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