September 12, 2009

September 12th Stream

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@griffey @scottnicholson the fog here has lifted and I hear planes overhead again. hopefully you’ll be on your way soon. [shifted]
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"Couplands own Web site says of "Generation A" that it "champions the act of reading and storytelling as one of the few defenses we still have against the constant bombardment of the senses in a digital world."
Asked if he views technologys effects on society and culture as positive or negative, Coupland tells "Its neither. Its inevitable and unstoppable so the better question is how are we going to handle it–hide in a cave and bitch, or go out there and try to use it to make the world a better place? Sitting in a cave and bitching is neither noble nor romantic. Its ignorant and pointless."
And what of the latest round of Web 2.0 upstarts, Facebook, Twitter, et al.? Can they have an effect on society and morals? "Youre trying to impose morals on something not on a moral scale. Thats like getting mad at the weather. Youre going to stop these things? Good luck…. So instead of bitching we need to analyze impact and try and figure out what happens next.""

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"A favorite argument among those who talk about the gap between Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y is that the youngest demographic is more adept with technology. According to the survey results, thats just not true.
Gen X employees contribute to discussion forums and social networks just as much as their Gen Y counterparts. The use of blogs and wikis was either equal or different by just a couple percentage points.
But the most significant difference was not in usage stats. It was how effective employees are at getting new software to be accepted. 22% of Gen X said they felt they have the "clout in their organization" necessary to introduce new technology, while only 13% of those under 29 said the same."

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