September 2, 2009

September 2nd Stream

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#amazon is by far the best at giving me new music to listen to, which leads to me spending more $ with them. eg, (free) [shifted]
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@mstephens7 the real story there is that apple doesn’t donate to libraries or offer discounts the way microsoft does. y no apple luv 4 libs? [shifted]
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@misterbisson my point still stands that there’s no apple-based foundation that offers philanthropy to libraries & macs cost way more $$$$ [shifted]
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@misterbisson there r no macs at fairfax county b/c no mac foundation is giving them any. discounted software does no good w/o the hardware [shifted]
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@AtYourLibrary we had 3 macs at my first library job in 1992 but it was too expensive to replace them when they died (helloooo windows 3.1!) [shifted]
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@misterbisson we’re just going 2 have 2 agree to disagree about what the issue is :) I’d love to see a marketing/philanthropic arm of apple [shifted]

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