August 23, 2009

The Blog and Just the Blog, Ma'am

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I just wanted to note that I’ve tied up some of the loose ends of converting the TSL home page to display my lifestream. If you’re not interested in my lifestream, I won’t be offended, and you can just skip it altogether and go directly to the “blog” category, as that’s essentially my blog now.
You can also subscribe to just the blog posts via RSS if that’s your preferred method. If you’re subscribed via email, you should only be seeing the blog posts, so please let me know if you’re getting a daily “stream” update.
The last thing I’ve done is remove the calendar on the site, since now something will get posted pretty much every day. Obviously I’ll still leave the link to the archives, though.
At some point, I want to write about the library lifestream and how the WordPress plugin I’ve installed can be used to easily aggregate that, but it’s a topic that will have to wait for another day.

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