August 18, 2009


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#nts users are a new media channel [#]
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I loved the Beloit Mindset list when it first came out, but it needs to move to a 4-year cycle to become meaningful again [#]
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"# Trying to be everywhere online. I know where my leverage is. For me, it’s blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (in that order). You may have forums in the mix. Maybe you love Facebook most of all. It’s all about what works for you, but I really do think focus is critical or you’re not really getting deep or valuable anywhere. You’re just surface skimming.
# Beating dead horses. I love a good, intelligent (even heated) debate or discussion as much as anyone, and I never fail to learn from someone or two when I have one. But I draw the line at ramptant negativity without movement toward an alternative, bullying, or feeding trolls. I won’t indulge the drama or get embroiled in conversations that don’t lead anywhere. I’d rather go put my time into creating or improving something." – via @steverubel

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@charleneli I’ve been thinking along these same lines – the "open ended organization." can I pre-order your book now? :-p [#]
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@PopCulLibrn I also don’t think the Today show makes them fundamentally diff from me. or maybe the point is that we have that in common :-p [#]
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E-gov use in libraries – "real life" stories needed! [#]
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