April 2, 2008

"But We Also Are"

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And we do. Check out the About page of the Technically Random blog.

“We are the Random Technology Un-Committee and we are more what we aren’t than what we are.
We aren’t a committee;
We aren’t a task force;
We aren’t an advisory group;
And, we certainly aren’t organized.
We do not have a charge;
We do not have a mission;
We do not have a task list or a timeline;
We do not have a chair.
But we also are.
We are tinkerers;
We are wonderers;
We are pathfinders;
We are dreamers.
Our sole purpose for existing is to share our thoughts and tinkerings and brainstorming in the hopes of finding new solutions, inspiring more brainstorming and reducing the number of wheels being invented.
And, we do.
We have occasional un-meetings where we sit and share our thoughts and tinkerings. We have no agenda and we do not tolerate blind negativity.
We blog and tag and bookmark whatever we think is interesting and worth sharing.
We may do more, who knows.
Finally, the we who is we is you too. Right now we have a small crew of authors for this blog, but we welcome your participation by either commenting on blog entries, joining our crew of blog authors or participating in our to-be-announced future un-meetings. (Thanks, Kathryn!)

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  1. If a mature christian male is welcome, I would be intrested in blogging.

    Comment by don — April 14, 2008 @ 8:56 pm

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