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An Honor Roll of Shifted Libraries

"Shifted libraries" are libraries that understand the new information-shifted world. They're extending their electronic and online services in new and compelling ways to reach patrons where they want to be reached. That may mean using chat services, blogs, PDA channels, wireless searching of the online catalog, whatever.

I know a lot of academic and large public libraries have implemented virtual reference services, and while I applaud their efforts and declare them officially Shifted, there are other sites that list all of these efforts. So what I'd really like to get are working examples or interesting suggestions for things small- to medium-sized public libraries could implement. I will, however, consider almost anything that makes me say "wow," "cool," or "oh yeah, baby."

This is just a quick beginning, and it will take me some time to expand this list, but feel free to send me your nominations. I'll work on it this weekend, so check back periodically.

Examples of Shifted Libraries with blogs: