October 18, 2010

October 18th Stream

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@dcbcd I stocked up on vit­a­min c on the way in to work and am light­ing a can­dle to the health gods.… [shifted]
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We cre­ated this site for those of you that have a song stuck in your head and you can’t get it out no mat­ter what you do. Using the lat­est in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification tech­nol­ogy, we’ve been able to allow our users to “unhear” songs by hear­ing equally catchy songs. So really all we’re doing is mak­ing you for­get your old song by replac­ing it with another one… sorry. — via @swissmiss

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@hootsuite Help! No response to fill­ing out the Non-Profit Dis­count Appli­ca­tion. Can you have some­one con­tact me? Thx — jlevine at ala.org [shifted]
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FF3.5.7 doesn’t work for me but great idea RT @steverubel: Leather­bound. com­pares ebook prices for iBooks, Kin­dle & Nook http://ow.ly/2V7uD [shifted]
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In atten­dance: Tina, Sean, Val, Megan, Jenny, Mary
We had a great dis­cus­sion about the staff response plan, and I got caught up in the con­ver­sa­tion so didn’t take thor­ough meet­ing notes. Per­haps we need to rotate this duty?
Megan has put together a great foun­da­tion for the Choose Your Own Adven­ture Response Plan. She came up with five basic sce­nar­ios, which she’ll post to the group: pos­i­tive, neu­tral, inac­cu­rate, neg­a­tive low risk, and neg­a­tive high risk. We also added information-seeking/customer ser­vice as a sixth type.
ALA Social Media Work­ing Group
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“need a 6th P (Product/Price/Place/Positioning/Promotion): user Plea­sure in all aspects of strat­egy, pro­mo­tion & design” http://ow.ly/2TqY9 [shifted]
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really look­ing for­ward to read­ing this book. totally agree that good ideas need to be shared. http://amzn.com/k/YNNYE6QMA20B #Kin­dle [shifted]
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  1. Hi Jenny!

    I’ve been fol­low­ing your blog for a while now and love your stuff (espe­cially your blog posts about the kin­dle and next gen­er­a­tion eread­ers that will help us to share con­tent). I thought you might be inter­ested in the new Exlib­ris report­ing solu­tion that my com­pany has devel­oped with Boston Col­lege Libraries. We’re hold­ing a webi­nar for sys­tems librar­i­ans to show what we’ve done with BC and where we’re going…and it should be great! With it, libraries can:

    * Eas­ily mea­sure and man­age acqui­si­tion per­for­mance
    * Sum­ma­rize and mon­i­tor cir­cu­la­tion stats by date range, sub-library, title, item, sta­tus, and patron
    * Sum­ma­rize bud­get or sub-budget sta­tus by what was pur­chased, what is pend­ing, and how much remains in the budget

    And we have a whole bunch of other fea­tures on our roadmap like being able to ana­lyze real-time usage of e-Journal pack­ages against sub­scrip­tion costs to cal­cu­late ROI and to gen­er­ate ARL sta­tis­tics on demand.

    I am hop­ing you might post about this on your blog or on twit­ter. Here’s the link to reg­is­ter: http://bit.ly/cTrAOw

    Okay shame­less plug OVER now! Thanks. :)

    Comment by Jess — October 19, 2010 @ 8:06 am

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