August 13, 2010

August 13th Stream

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CREDboard aggregates multiple media types (including text, audio, photos, and video) from multiple networks — such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and industry blogs — providing a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring customer interactions. The objective is for companies to know who’s talking about what, where and how often in an attempt to “cover all the bases” to protect their reputations online. The product is designed to help individuals and/or departments not only update and monitor Social Media sites, but also take action when necessary.

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Hi, Everyone —
I’m happy to say that we have more international libraries signing up for National Gaming Day this year. Unfortunately, we can’t ship the free donation to them, but they still want to participate (hooray for international libraries!).
Right now, a foreign services librarian with the State Department named Elenita is working with libraries worldwide that are partnering with U.S. embassies. She’s asking for our help to give them ideas for games they can play on NGD (Saturday, November 13).
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New TSL post: It’s, Like, Confusing – (more on the "like" issues re: Target on Facebook, including infolit/privacy) [shifted]
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From ALA Connect: Paper-based games?: Hi, Everyone —
I’m happy to say that we have more international libraries s… [shifted]
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@JustinLibrarian thanks! I’m fascinated by the whole thing and can’t look away :-p [shifted]

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