May 10, 2009

Take the 2008 Library Gaming Census

For the past two years, Dr. Scott Nicholson at the Syracuse iSchool has conducted an annual census to help us learn more about libraries offering gaming services. I can’t tell you how valuable that data has been when I get calls from reporters, so I’m hoping you’ll help us continue to build this archive of information.

If your library offered any type of gaming program last year (board games, video games, computer games, etc.), please fill out the survey before it closes on May 31. It’s open to all types of libraries, and Scott will publish the results for everyone, just as he’s done for the last two years.


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May 6, 2009

Watch Out for that…Treeeeee

Booklist: We Read Everything

I love Dan Kraus‘ videos, and I’m so glad he works for ALA.

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