August 12, 2008

Beyond the "Field of Dreams" Approach

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Little Library Got Wii

“I had a fabulous time in at the ‘Gaming in Libraries’’ session of the Midwest Library Technology Conference, where they not only talked about games, they let us play. It’s more than a Field of Dreams approach, just tossing games into a room; I have worked with, read about, and heard from those clever librarians who design activities, resources that do what librarians do so well, put information in context for us.
This is not even meant as a post to ponder the implications, more of an observation I had a few weeks ago when I stopped by the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library in Pine, Arizona — the closest town (3 miles) with a gas station (actually 2) and a market (1) to where I live. The population of Pine is likely a bit over 2000, and the library is a real gem….
And darned if on my last visit there, they had re-arranged the checkout racks of DVDs to make room for a single Wii station!
Yep, this little library has got Wii.” [CogDogBlog, Thanks, Liz D.]

Emphasis above is mine, because I love Alan Levine’s description. Although we’re not related, great Levine minds think alike. 🙂
What I really love about this, though, is that it shows how even small libraries can implement gaming on some level, as opposed to other initiatives that require huge increases in staffing or budget lines.

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  1. Thanks Jenny, my almost-not-really cousin!

    Comment by Alan Levine — August 12, 2008 @ 9:30 pm

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