July 9, 2008

Stating the State of the Web

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While I continue recovering from the mad fun that was Annual 2008, here’s another distracting link – The State of the Web – Summer 2008.

State of the Web - Summer 2008

For non-hipsters like me, here are some links to help explain the graphics:

  1. Fail Whale
  2. Firefox Download Day
  3. Why I’m Not Purchasing an iPhone 3G and Why Apple is a Brilliant Company
  4. reddit goes open source
  5. MySpace to release major site redesign
  6. Hmmm…not sure about the glossy buttons one. Anyone have a good link to support that one?
  7. Where Does Facebook Grow From Here
  8. 2 Girls 1 Cup (the video is not for the faint of heart, although this link is safe for work)
  9. Google Learns to Crawl Flash
  10. RickRolled

July 8, 2008

Dancing Across the Web

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From today’s New York Times, this made me smile today. I <3 user-generated content.

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