February 12, 2008

More Undead Ends

Undead Dead End

Orig­i­nally uploaded by her­zogbr

In response to my post about IM wid­gets at dead ends, Brian Her­zog offers a great exam­ple of using a grease­mon­key script to pro­vide an email door out of the “no search results” page of his cat­a­log. Since his library doesn’t offer IM ref­er­ence, this is the next best thing to insert­ing a librar­ian back into the search process.

Because grease­mon­key only works with Fire­fox, users of other browsers won’t see the form, but that’s why there’s an email address at the top. Could this be used with data­bases, as well? Prob­a­bly only if the ven­dor lets you cus­tomize the code on that page.

Hardy pro­gram­mer types with full access to the back­end of their cat­a­log could add an HTML form to level the play­ing field in that respect.

Or, ven­dors could pro­vide this type of func­tion­al­ity as part of the default sys­tem and the library could just spec­ify where the email should go on a set­tings screen. There could also be a box to embed code for instant mes­sag­ing wid­gets for libraries that offer IM help.

Brian is mak­ing the script freely avail­able here.

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