October 29, 2007

20071029–01 Internet Librarian PL Track: Online Outreach

- Sarah Houghton-Jan and Aaron Schmidt

Name 3 places your library should be on the web besides your library’s web­site
From audi­ence:
1. Sec­ond Life
2. MySpace
3. Flickr

online in-reach”

sum­mary: make your web­site two-way where peo­ple can have a voice on it
if they can’t con­tribute to it, there’s noth­ing there for them
online, everyone’s patrons are your patrons
– talk this over with your gov­ern­ing agency
– loosen up!
– mimic online what we do in the real world, where you help other libraries’ patrons

free is good
much of this is free, which helps

search engine find­abil­ity
– search for vari­a­tions of your library’s name
– ensure your site is accu­rately at the top
– minor or metasearch engines
– buy AdWords from Google ($)
– search engine opti­miza­tion (SEO) ($)

look at your site sta­tis­tics to see what other search engines folks are using to reach your site

library direc­tory list­ings
– Lib­Dex
– Map­Muse
– Libraries411
make sure you’re found in these

blog search engines
– Feed Sub­mit­ter sub­mits your blog’s feed to 15 sites at once
– Robin Good’s list of where to sub­mit your blog and feed
RSS Spec­i­fi­ca­tions list of where to sub­mit your feed

sweet wikipedia good­ness
– list your library on the appro­pri­ate town or county entries
note if your library has won any awards, etc.

– add loca­tions for your libraries and other com­mu­nity fea­tures of interest

com­mu­nity web­site pres­ence
– americantowns.com
– event­ful

blogs and forums
– local blogs
– tech­nol­ogy boards
– con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion boards
– forums and groups with local flair (google, yahoo)

find local blogs
– search the tags for your zip code on Flickr
– blogdigger.com

inter­act with local blogs
– no mar­ket­ing speak
– don’t intrude, but be avail­able
– find appro­pri­ate blogs
– don’t be heavy-handed
– enter­ing into an online com­mu­nity can be hard work
– have authen­tic voice, information

showed an exam­ple of Sarah com­ment­ing on a local professor’s blog as a model

pres­ence where it’s war­ranted
– ensure your library has a pres­ence on local web­sites (schools, uni­ver­si­ties, etc.)
– are you linked anywhere?

in google, link:YourLibraryURLhere to find who’s link­ing to you

social review web­sites
what are your cus­tomers say­ing when you’re not around?
– yelp
– judy’s book
– city­search
– insid­er­pages
– local2me

viral mar­ket­ing because you can mar­ket your services

social net­work­ing sites
– cre­ate a pro­file for your library
– major options: myspace, face­book, flickr, ning
– find great exam­ples on the lib­suc­cess list

a lot of peo­ple are mov­ing off myspace onto face­book
if you are still in the mid­dle of a 2-year project to start a site on myspace, you need to move faster
there’s so much you can do to face­book to reach out to people

give them some­thing new often to keep them back
you must have follow-through
don’t use your library’s build­ing as your avatar

Con­tra Costa Library had 2 para­pro­fes­sional staff work on the myspace page
it’s impor­tant to real­ize as librar­i­ans that we don’t have to *do* all of this, that we can hand some of these things off to peo­ple who are experts at this or have an inter­est in it
tap the local tal­ent and don’t limit to MLS hold­ers
helps dis­trib­ute the work­load in a prac­ti­cal sense

Hen­nepin County Library’s Book­Space
inter­ac­tive, aes­thet­i­cally beautiful

showed a Face­book Flyer exam­ple from Tutt Library

showed Ask MetaFil­ter site and Slam the Boards (which is now repeat­ing the 10th of every month)

duh, we’re experts, too
– allexperts.com
– ziki
– illu­mio
– qunu
– yedda
– Otavo
– yahoo answers
list your staff as experts in var­i­ous free expert tools

wifi is king
if you offer wire­less in your build­ing, make sure you are listed in wifi direc­to­ries
– wififreespot
– wifi­hotspotlist
– wifi411,
– wifinder
– jiwire
– wi-fi zone
name your net­work some­thing fun that adver­tises your library, not just “default”

push the info out
via email and rss
– invest in newslet­ter soft­ware (maybe $)
– get email addresses from ILS
– send peri­od­i­cally (don’t spam)
– vari­ety of fea­tures
push out info as a per­son, not an institution

blog geo-search engines
list your library’s blog on geo­graphic blog search engines
– frappr
– feedmap
– blog­wise
– gFeedMap

where are peo­ple look­ing for phone num­bers?
are you in those places yet? list your con­tact info in online directories

- askc­ity
– yahoo! local
– google maps
clinton-macomb pub­lic library as exam­ple with a great review in google local

sec­ond life
– Info Island
prob­lem is band­width and hard­ware issues
if you have a super active com­mu­nity in sec­ond life, put energy into that; if you have a super active com­mu­nity of blog­gers, put energy into that
will prob­a­bly get more bang for your buck putting your energy into blog­ging right now

OPAC URLs suck
use wccls.org instead of wccls.lib.or.us, but even bet­ter is booksandmovies.org

instant mes­sag­ing
– a pri­mary forum of com­mu­ni­ca­tion
– free, easy

text mes­sag­ing
– cell­phones and SMS con­tinue to grow
– Orange County Library Sys­tem exam­ple; only pub­lic library doing this?

make A/V con­tent find­able
– youtube
– blip.tv
– blinkx
– singing­fish
– yahoo pod­casts
– podcast.net
– pod­cast alley
– dig­i­tal pod­cast
– pod­scope
record and put up a few sto­ry­times as a way to get your feet wet
tran­scribe audio con­tent with podzinger

find men­tions of your library
all over the web, not just the social review sites
– google/yahoo news
– ice rocket
– tech­no­rati
– feed­ster
– blog­lines
– youtube
– flickr
sarah found lots of pic­tures of peo­ple skate­board­ing down the rails at the library :-p

chit­ter on twit­ter
– is it worth it?
– be clear about what you’re send­ing
– works best when send­ing out quick info
– guide to twit­ter in libraries by Ellyssa Kroski

are your patrons using these tools?
we think so
but even if they’re not, we can model this behav­ior and lead the way

ques­tion: how did they cre­ate the face­book flyer?
answer: tool on face­book site where you upload an image and text

Be Socia­ble, Share!

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