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 Friday, October 10, 2003

New Mailing List for OpenURL

From today's WEB4LIB mailing list:

"I'm announcing a new list for libraries using homegrown OpenURL link resolvers: lib-openurl-dev-l .

A small but growing number of libraries have already or are now developing non commercial link resolving solutions with OpenURL at the core. These libraries need a peer support group for the exchange of ideas and solutions.

Specific information about how to construct deep linking URLs for a particular target site is likely to be a frequent topic. The exchange of open source software tools related to link resolution is another likely topic.

So if you are involved in the development or maintenance of an open source or "homegrown" OpenURL link resolver at your library or institution or interested in doing so, this list is available for you.

To subscribe, send a message to

The body of the message should be:

subscribe lib-openurl-dev-l Your Name

[Please note, This list is complementary to the excellent discussion list run by Eric Van de Velde, chair of the NISO Committee AX, the body officially responsible for the OpenURL standard. That committee's web site is"

I've been learning about OpenURL lately (thanks Karen and Carol!), and I'm getting excited about it. I have a new idea for a grant next year.  ;-)

I wonder if Dave realizes there is an SFX resolver at Harvard that all of those in-house, behind-the-firewall bloggers could use....

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